It has been a while…We have to face many emotional mountains. I think our breakthrough comes when we recognize that we are not “okay” and focus on finding ways to overcome instead of drowning. Months ago, my grandmother was given 6-10 months to live. While visiting her in her care center or in the emergency … More Revitalize.

All Summer ’16

Subtract Distractions, Add to Your Productivity My summer began in the middle of May. Although I was running back and forth between cities and states searching for jobs, I still wanted to maintain a productive lifestyle during this break. Throughout my Master’s program, I found myself constantly searching for time to sleep and simply have … More All Summer ’16


When asked to write about women uplifting one another instead of bashing each other, I sort of brushed it off to the side. It was hard for me to approach a topic I had little experience in, but as you and I both know, things change. During my time as an apprentice, I found myself … More Backbones.

Butterfly Brunch

Today, I attended the Butterfly Brunch in my hometown. I had the honor and privilege to speak to a relatively large group of black women about self-love. During the 8 hour drive to Iowa yesterday, my nerves were beginning to take a toll on me. “What if they don’t FEEL me?” My Gma introduced me, … More Butterfly Brunch

The Bloom

  Spring will officially begin on March 20th. What I love most about the spring is the overwhelming urge to grow! I’m not sure if it’s the brighter days and soft winds or watching the flowers blossom or scrolling through engagement, marriage, or graduation photos, but something about spring says, “BE GREAT.” The Law of Attraction … More The Bloom