Quick Tips for Me Management

Not all those who wander are lost

Before I go further, let me just say, I am not a life coach nor do I have this thing figured out, but I am learning. I am becoming more aware of my desires and needs. I had to wander for a few months-(still wandering….)-to figure out the best ways to manage myself. Managing myself does not mean I slipped into a box and limited my opportunities. I am still the opinionated, hard-headed, #WillClapBack woman I’ve always been.

 I would define “Me Management” as a way to cope with daily problems no matter how large or small. In other words, I am paying close attention to how I feel in response to things I cannot control and trying to develop ways to just get over it. I am working to use my problems as building blocks, not let them use me. 

The past few months sparked a new transitional period for me. I feel like I’m just now getting into the swing of things. I am learning how to manage my emotions in stressful or trying situations. I am learning to manage by…

  1. Praying – I have noticed a significant difference in my energy, emotions, and overall happiness when I consistently pray. Daily, I ask for guidance, strength, and most importantly, a cleanse of the mind, body, spirit, and heart. Pray for yourself and those around you. You will see and feel change. We have to guard our spirits. We cannot move with yesterday’s problems weighing on our hearts. Talk to Him.
  2. Taking a Time-Out – As a teacher and a coach, I have grown to really appreciate 5 minutes away from the world. Taking time from each day to simply reflect, breathe, and not worry about planning for the next moment in my day has been refreshing. Daily reflection causes me to rethink situations and how I respond to them. I like the feeling of being in control of my emotions despite how outer forces may irritate them.
  3. Saying “NO” – Again, I’ve always been assertive, but I think we all have fallen victim to signing up for things we really don’t want to do. Sometimes we don’t want to be around people who bring or have caused conflict, but we attend their festivities to save face. Sometimes we don’t want to transfer energy with Negative Nelson and Negative Nancy, but we engage. Sometimes we really don’t have time, but we compromise. Sometimes we have all the time in the world, but really just don’t feel like being bothered. Why don’t we decline? Lately, I have been trying to avoid undesirable settings. It is so much easier to happily watch a movie on the couch than it is to fake a smile for a repulsive crowd. For many of us, Me Management might mean letting people go. As difficult as that might be, protecting your peace is far more important than hanging on to a toxic relationship.

2 thoughts on “Quick Tips for Me Management

  1. Just love this post.
    NO is a defining word. NO takes courage for nice people to own and commit to using. NO lets US take off the mask and leave the stage. We don’t have to play the part someone else writes for us. We create our own character and NO just might be the first line of our new script.

    After NO we get to speak our YESes!

    What else are you saying YES to, Ms B?

    I think it’s awesome you’re stepping into this stage so early in your life. Trust it.


    1. I feel like I’m saying YES to anything that is specifically for me. Anything I don’t second guess. There are some things I am willing to dive into without knowing where I’ll end up, but only on my terms.


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