When They Say Confidence is Key…

I think one of the most difficult things to overcome as a woman, no matter the age, is lack of confidence. Even the most self-assured people have their days, I know I have! I was talking with a friend today & she motivated me to share/open the floor to you all. She is preparing to meet with some professionals in her field and she’s very nervous. I speak in front of 100+ people everyday, so of course, I cannot relate to her nervousness, but she told me, “I never used to be like this. I don’t know how or why I lack confidence.” I responded by telling her that I’ve been there before and when I’m not feeling confident, I reflect on things I’ve changed since the last time I felt secure with myself. I believe-(often, NOT ALWAYS)-the way we feel about ourselves is self-inflicted. What are we doing to combat our lack of confidence? Instead of focusing on the negative, ask yourself, what makes me feel confident?

I decided to share my list with her & you:

I am confident when I am prepared.

I am confident after I finish reading.

I am confident after praying.

I am confident when I am truly helping others. 

I am confident after overcoming a tough workout.

I feel confident when I’m energized!

I am confident when I sing & dance. It’s freeing!

I am confident when I’m in shape.

I am confident when I’m comfortable in my clothes.

I invite you to make a list of your own. I would love to read your lists, but I completely understand anyone’s desire to keep it to themselves. BE CONFIDENT. Nobody can be a better you.


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