All Summer ’16

Subtract Distractions, Add to Your Productivity

My summer began in the middle of May. Although I was running back and forth between cities and states searching for jobs, I still wanted to maintain a productive lifestyle during this break. Throughout my Master’s program, I found myself constantly searching for time to sleep and simply have no agenda. Honestly, an ounce of nothingness would have driven me absolutely insane. My days began no later than 6:00 A.M. and often ended after 10:00 P.M. and although I was exhausted, I clung to my grandmother’s words,

“An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.”

After graduation, I reconstructed my schedule, pushed my wake-up time back to between 7:30-8:00 A.M.-(some days were later than that, sue me)- and started finding ways to be productive and continue to prepare for the next step in my life. I have still been working my part-time job, so most of my days had to be planned around the money making. I tried to look at that part of my day as me being forced to use different skills instead of rotting in what sometimes felt like retail hell. I have recently accepted a teaching and a coaching position and I want to be super prepared while moving into the first year of my career. Although many of you do not operate on a teacher schedule, we all have breaks of some sort throughout the year. Here are a few things I have committed to doing this summer to not only prepare for my career, but to remain confident and dynamic.

(For the record, my summer ends in less than a month….& real teachers REALLY work all year long, but we can talk about that later)

1) Read!

Likely story coming from an educator, right? Honestly, the books I recommend for you all do not come from the education section. 3 books I highly recommend picking up are, The Motivation Manifesto by Brendan Burchard, #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, and If Only You Knew by Kristan Higgins. Each of these books have provided me with entertainment, motivation, and a new perspective on professionalism, individualism, and relationships.

2) Walk, Lift, Run!

Everywhere you look, people are encouraging you to workout. As a matter of fact, a person very close to me continues to ask if I’m running or doing anything active. I’m assuming it is because we live in a world that believes, “it didn’t happen if you didn’t post it.” Well, I have been making a solid effort to move my body at least 4 times a week. It is difficult to keep that schedule up when I have other distractions, but it takes about 28 days to make a habit. Every distraction brings forth day 1. It is easier to commit 28 days and beyond to yourself than to others. Release.

3)  Financial Plan$

Many people my age lack financial knowledge. While reading #GIRLBOSS, one of the simplest, but most significant things I gathered from her view of finances is to note that just because I am making more money, I do not need to be spending more money. The thought of not having financial freedom makes me incredibly anxious. Many college grads are anxious to leave school and land a well-paying job without fully grasping the importance of saving and investing in their 20s. To make it easier on myself, I sat in front of my computer and created a spreadsheet to lay out my financial goals for the first 3 months at my new job(s). Again, commit to yourself!

How do you stay productive?


2 thoughts on “All Summer ’16

  1. The Motivation Manifesto and #Girlboss are two of my fav books.
    I’m about to start ABUNDANCE NOW by Lisa Nichols. She’s one of the best female speakers alive.
    Productivity now: Finishing the final draft of my book, Pounding weights 3 days a week for ripped abs, Writing articles for online mags! Oh, and totally enjoying my talents!!

    How has your month wrapped up?


    1. Wonderful! I am searching for my next read, but I have lost a few inches around my waist & I have thoroughly enjoyed this time away from retail life. I’m using this short break to tone up my body, spirit, & mind. I’ve spent time reading teacher/new teacher blogs. I’m dedicated and focused on MY development more than ever.


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